5 Ways, To Fund, Your Home Purchase

When it comes time, for someone to consider, buying, a home, of his own, and achieving his part of the so – called, American Dream, and becoming a first – time homeowner, it is important, to understand, and appreciate, from the beginning, some financing options. Since most people, especially, when one doesn’t own, a previous house, which, selling, provides significant funds, needs some sort of additional sources, for the necessary funding. It is wise, therefore, since, to the vast majority of people, their personal home, represents, their single – biggest, financial asset, to discover, and understand, financing/ funding options, and decide, the best, course of action, for their personal needs, and situation. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 ways/ options, to fund your house – purchase.

1. Conventional: The most common method, is using the conventional approach. This means qualifying, and using a mortgage, for these needs. In order to be prepared, it’s essential to, at least, six months, prior to beginning one’s search, to examine, review, correct, improve, and enhance his Credit Report, and rating! These are, generally, available, either from a bank, mortgage banker or broker, or some other, lending institution.

2. Friends/ family: Some people find it, more advantageous, to turn to, either, their friends, and/ or, family, for some sort of loan, etc, to acquire one’s home! Obviously, only a few, fortunate people, can take advantage of these types of sources, because most of us, don’t have, either the contacts, with these types of funds, or any willingness, to lend you money.

3. Owner – financed: There are several occasions, and scenarios, when an owner may be willing to assist in, or fully finance, a purchase. Sometimes, it’s because, the house, may have been on the market, for a lengthy period, while at other times, it’s because, holding the papers, may, in some ways, benefit the existing owner of the property! This approach, may, either be, for the primary, or secondary, sources of funding!

4. Balloon loans: It may, either be necessary, or advantageous, to use some sort of balloon loans, rather than a conventional one. This type of funding, is, usually, interest only (rate may vary), for a specific, somewhat – short, period, and after that period, you must, either pay – off, the principal, in full, or acquire new funding/ financing.

5. Combination: It is not, at all, unusual, for someone to use, some combination of these approaches/ methods. For example, one, who lacks enough funds, for the down – payment, but otherwise, has excellent credit, may rely on, owner – financing, for some of the necessary funds, and a conventional source, for the first mortgage.

If owning a house, is meaningful to you, discover your options, and know, the best way, for you, to proceed. An educated buyer makes the finest decisions!