Home Staging That Appeals To Baby Boomers

For you to achieve a truly effective home staging strategy, it is a must to have a good idea of who most of your potential home buyers will be. Many of your home’s audience will be attracted to your property’s geographical location or proximity to job opportunities, centers of commerce or business, and other amenities. Gearing your home staging plans towards appealing to your target market can exponentially increase your chances of achieving selling success within the shortest amount of time.

Today’s home buyers are classified into three kinds of generational buyers – the Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y. Baby Boomers are the people born around the end of World War II up to the early 1960’s. The older Boomers are likely retired or planning to retire soon, so their home buying preferences will reflect this. The younger Boomers, on the other hand, may still have children in college, and most of them are still actively employed or in business.

How do you market your home to these buyers?

Baby Boomers treat sturdy and high-quality construction as very important. When you have Baby Boomers as potential home buyers, they will be very facetious about construction quality and craftsmanship. They will tend to inspect the soundness of the roofing, HVAC, septic systems, and other areas that, to them, are more important than any cosmetic upgrades or facelifts on the home.

Baby Boomers don’t always need too much space. This is especially true for the older Baby Boomers, who are probably already downsizing from a larger home to a smaller one because their children have moved away. While it is important to still highlight how much potential space your home has, prioritize those little things that make your property as homey and cozy as possible.

For the most part, Baby Boomers dislike overwhelming d├ęcor. This generation is more willing to put in the work needed to decorate the home to their own taste, so when they look at your property, they will likely be imagining already how to remodel, repaint, or redecorate to their liking. So when you stage your property, keep the area as neutral and depersonalized as possible, and allow them to see themselves easily in your property.

Baby Boomers are very responsive to nostalgia. Look for some items of art, music, film, books, and other elements from the past decades that would remind them of their younger years. This is a technique to make your home more memorable to them.