Maximizing Living Space

During the past twenty-five years I have moved from one household to another more than a few times. I found that I have literally moved boxes of junk where I had absolutely no clue as to its contents. This is tantamount to having a cluttered work desk. If there are papers on that desk that you haven’t looked at in a week, it’s time to throw them away. The same analogy applies to your home’s living space.

I’m sure when you moved down here from somewhere up north, you had good intentions about getting rid of some of the junk before you moved into that new house. Not having a basement takes lots of storage space away, and that 3-car garage fills up very quickly. In many cases you were moving from a larger home to something smaller. Here are some tips on maximizing that precious living space.

First of all, the more floors you can see, the bigger the spaces will appear. That means you should be selective about the furniture you purchase. Larger pieces take up more floor space, and consequently shrink the living area. Also, you want to be careful about the colors you choose for your walls and ceilings. Neutral colors are the best, and a white ceiling gives the perception of taller and bigger walls. Throwing a couple of wall mirrors into the mix will also give the illusion of bigger space, in that they open up the room and reflect light. Whenever you can use vertical storage bins, use them.

Be careful what you hang on your walls. You do not want to clutter walls with large pictures. This will only make the room look smaller. Ambient lighting will keep the space looking light and bright. Storage space is at a premium, and therefore your closets should be able to maximize vertical space efficiently. This requires some organization, and getting rid of items you really don’t need. Moreover, you should think about the king size bed, and whether you really need it. Beds take up the majority of space in bedrooms, and some beds are just too big for the room. Buying furniture that is multifunctional is also an option for maximizing space. A headboard with drawers allows storage where another piece of furniture may have been used.

Remember that your living space is fixed. Get rid of the clutter and your life will be more organized. I promise.