What are the garden apartments? Are they any different from the basement apartments?

If you are searching for an affordable apartment to live in, then the garden apartment or the basement apartment is not a bad idea at all because here you can save money and get the perks of a perfect apartment at the same time. the basement apartments are referred to as garden apartments and they offer a myriad of benefits not only in terms of money but also in other ways. Being on bad credit, you might want a garden apartment that does not ask for a credit check, and Anchor Your Assests no credit check apartments are the best way for finding such apartments.

The garden apartments and basement apartments are not the same, rather there are a few things that keep them apart from each other but still many people consider them to be the same. There are a lot of features in the garden apartments that are different from the basement apartments. Wondering what the differences are?

Take a look at the following and you would be able to understand the differences.

What are basement apartments?

For a true basement apartment, the following criteria must be followed.

  • It doesn’t have to be a complete basement apartment rather half the height of the apartment must be above street level
  • There must be separate rooms and there has to be a window in each room
  • The height of the ceilings must be at least seven feet
  • The walls of the basement must be proofed against dampness and water

If a basement apartment has all these to offer, only it is a true one.

What is a garden apartment?

Just like there are specifications for a basement apartment, there are some for the garden apartment as well and these are stated as follows.

  • They’re often located on the ground floor between parlor level and basement level
  • They usually have access to a backyard patio or garden which gives them their name
  • These usually have a single bedroom and the rest of the apartment is like a studio
  • They also offer the opportunity of having a small-sized patio for the tenants